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i cant start? it just says "sharpfives 2018" on a black screen.

same, and then I read chrome and firefox only.


how can you melt the ice that holding a disk which cave i lit up in the middle and cannot get the ice thawed out. any clues please? ah yes ...  ah! use the knife to break the ice.. gotcha... yipee.. good game and a very good happy ending at last.. yipee.. well done creator and now more game like that please...

:-) thanks..

how to get rid of vultures in the graveyards.. ?? any clues??

yes throw seeds at the tree to slow vultures down..


I noticed a funny little bug! After you lead the bunnies onto the 3 buttons, go inside and back out of your house, the bunnies aren't on the buttons anymore (which is to be expected). But when you click on the buttons, a text pops up and says "They still seem hungry".

It made me laugh thinking the buttons are hungry xD

This game is awesome! I can't wait for next part.


is there a part 2 anywhere? really good game

not yet :) thanks for playing!

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I'm a little stuck ;_; how do i get the vultures to leave? and what are the crows for?

You throw the seeds at them! And then you have to scare away the crows by making the scarecrow gaudier-- then you can plant crops in the field.

I get this error: 

game-state-manager.js:73 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document.
    at GameStateManager.load (
    at new MainGame (
    at window.onload (

What browser and version are you running?

chrome 75.0.3770.100(mac)

chrome 75.0.3770.100(mac)

Seems this issue is caused if you are blocking 3rd party cookies in Chrome. This is required for saving progress in the game. See Chrome settings under Privacy > Content > Cookies and make sure that blocking is not enabled. Hope that helps.


Not sure how to start, mouse and keys unresponsive 

Oh no! What browser and version are you using? It's been tested on the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox to date.

I'm having the same issue on Chrome :/

HOW FARM DO? i cant use anything, cause, it keeps trying to interact w things It cant use.


The whole field is engageable - working on fixing it. For now, iIf you click on exactly the thing you want (vulture, scarecrow, etc.), you can use items on them.

Exceedingly impressive adventure game. Congrats! Love the progression of the story, mood, color.

Puzzles were mostly good. I definitely feel like a bunny wrangler! I think there might be a bug in the farm field, the whole area is a hotspot making it super hard to interact there.

Thank you! You're right; the whole ground area is engageable which is an issue. Good catch - I'll work on fixing that.

This is great! Nailed the atmosphere with the sound and music. I envy your ability to make recognisable environments with such little detail.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)