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Finally completed this wonderful game (had some interruptions - but kept coming back to it)
Gorgeous graphics and music, as always.
The story + characters are lovely.
Really looking forward to whatever you make next SharpFives - you're an exciting game developer with a unique voice. 
All the best!

This game is awesome! I found a bug tho: on the rolling rock level, i fell on the rock hole (while going from right to left), but didn't die and the game just stood there and I couldn't do a thing, other than reseting it.  

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Art style is really impressive. The story is interesting too. Couldn't find the last diamond though.

Loading time of switching scenes are sometimes quite long.


If you don't mind me asking... What did you use to make the music?


Thanks for playing :) I used LMMS (also open source!, it's the best!


This game has an amazing feel to it! Music, art and gameplay are on point!


Amazing game, nice art, nice history. i love it.

Thank you! :)


Good game! I like the art syle and the sound design.

It's not completely obvious on how it fits into the theme, but it's a well designed game nonetheless. Great work.


I thought there was no theme


One of the best games in this jam!

Thank you :)