A short hack-and-slash game made for #LOWREZJAM 2018. Considering making a full RPG version if there's enough feedback. Enjoy!

Software, music, and graphics by @sharpfives

Sound effects from freesound.org


Arrow Keys: Move

X: Use weapon

Z: Tumble

Hold Space: Change weapons


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"Something went wrong loading the master map".

Thanks for the heads up. Sometimes there's an issue loading that asset - I've run into this and refreshing the page seems to fix it. I'm looking into a fix now.

Loved this. The atmosphere, the aesthetics, the mechanics. Also the music is really neat.

Thank you :)

This is a remarkably beautiful game. Can't wait for the full version! ;)

Thanks! I'll be working on it soon, for sure :)

Never thought that, that pixelated, a story could be told this well. all the details make this game more than a simple hack-n-slash. Immersion is top notch. This game is really good, thank you!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Nice little game, well made!  I'd love to see more! :D

Thank you!