A short game about rediscovering memories. Made for #LOWREZJAM 2019

Arrow keys - move

Space bar - item bag

X - use item

Currently only Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported. Thanks for playing.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(44 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle, Role Playing
Made withPhaser, Aseprite, Tiled
Tags2D, LOWREZJAM, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Short, zelda-like
Average sessionA few minutes


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Nice Game

game got stuck when exiting grandmas house

Convenient game. But stuck at scene that fishing the frog, the whole game is stuck and music keeps playing. Seems like someone else also has this bug.


This game was so sweet and nice. Great job.


The game keeps Crashing And freezing. But Still Good Game

hrand ma hramrna

good game i played 7 sexs of it :)


The carrier is a black box

Nice game! I came out of the second house and got super speed, when I reentered, it crashed. It's fine.

Not bad at all.

I'm really enjoying this game but I'm stuck on the ladybird part, I grew a flower which i think is right but no ladybird


I had to refresh and keep losing my progress at the same time because it kept freezing. :(

that was such a cute and beautiful game, loved it, have some bugs, but what game doesn't? I wish this game was more popular

Really difficult but really fun!

this was so cute! thank you! ladybugs are my fav so that was a fun detail :D


A BEAUTIFUL GAME! I thoroughly enjoyed this, it is charming and bittersweet and thought-provoking. Before I found the third frog though (I went left in the swamp first) I only had two and one just randomly went onto the lilypad? Then I found the third frog in the southeast of the swamp afterwards... I ended up with a fourth froggie friend so I am not complaining :')

Thank you for a beautiful experience! <3


Ehhhhhh.... I found a bug

appears when you get the fish the instant you finish pulling your rod


This is a Sweet little Gameand i Love It ^-^

i hope this gets More Attencion, you Deserve it! the Graphics are Nice, the Story is Good, i Love this Too Much!


Deleted 296 days ago

No, it appears to be a glitch. I thought "oh, clever, the character doesn't remember who she is, or even what she looks like, so when we finish and get all the memories she'll be revealed! That will be cool!" But nope lol, a glitch. I enjoyed it anyway ^^;


Let me tell you. This game is brilliant, very well done. Loved the pixel art really good. And the memories tell a very strong storie. Loved it

The only thing i dind't like was the fact that every time you used the hammer on rocks or the knive on grass, if u leaved the room or go to other space, the object resets, that's very annoying, every time I went to the swamp I had to rebreak the rocks.

In general, loved the game, very well done, after I played this I'm in peace. 


thank you :) agreed, that is super annoying about the rocks reappearing. if i ever get around to updating this, i'll be sure to fix that.

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Such a sweet little game <3

thank you :)

Beautiful game!

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Loved it


Cute little game, sadly I couldn't finish it. Video cept getting frozen, aoudio seemed to stay responsive. Last time the game froze, I took a look at the Chrome console-something-thingy, it said something about not being able to "read value x of undefined" or something like that after I pressed "x" button.

Thought I'd just leave it here.

Very sweet and well made game!

This was appreciatively wholesome. Thank you :)

Short but heartwarming game. Great work!

Thank you! :)


Awesome game as always!

I added your game to my Top 10 games from LowRezJam 2019 collection 😊

Top 10 games from LowRezJam2019 collection


Thanks Tim!