A short game about rediscovering memories. Made for #LOWREZJAM 2019

Arrow keys - move

Space bar - item bag

X - use item

Currently only Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported. Thanks for playing.


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Ehhhhhh.... I found a bug

appears when you get the fish the instant you finish pulling your rod

This is a Sweet little Gameand i Love It ^-^

i hope this gets More Attencion, you Deserve it! the Graphics are Nice, the Story is Good, i Love this Too Much!



Is my character supposed to be a black square?

Let me tell you. This game is brilliant, very well done. Loved the pixel art really good. And the memories tell a very strong storie. Loved it

The only thing i dind't like was the fact that every time you used the hammer on rocks or the knive on grass, if u leaved the room or go to other space, the object resets, that's very annoying, every time I went to the swamp I had to rebreak the rocks.

In general, loved the game, very well done, after I played this I'm in peace. 


thank you :) agreed, that is super annoying about the rocks reappearing. if i ever get around to updating this, i'll be sure to fix that.

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Such a sweet little game <3

thank you :)

Beautiful game!

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Loved it


Cute little game, sadly I couldn't finish it. Video cept getting frozen, aoudio seemed to stay responsive. Last time the game froze, I took a look at the Chrome console-something-thingy, it said something about not being able to "read value x of undefined" or something like that after I pressed "x" button.

Thought I'd just leave it here.

Very sweet and well made game!

This was appreciatively wholesome. Thank you :)

Short but heartwarming game. Great work!

Thank you! :)


Awesome game as always!

I added your game to my Top 10 games from LowRezJam 2019 collection 😊

Top 10 games from LowRezJam2019 collection


Thanks Tim!