A short point-and-click game made for #LOWREZJAM


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Holy frig those pants are so good though

I loved every part of it, but I want to know who the pants bandit was

+1 for happy lil trees :)

And +infinity for go go gadget pants


I mean I didn't think they were gonna be such cool pants. I was like, "Man, just take a pair outta that stash and run." But man was I wrong. Coolest pants in the galaxy.


I loved it, kept me captivated the entire time. Just wish I could solve more murders... also I should of used the bloody knife.


love the game but none of the suspects ended up being the culprit?


Can I help with other murders?

So cute!!! And I love the music!

This game is really funny

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Hilarious, adorable, weird, 10/10

also, where can I get a pair of pants like those

edit 2: the music at the end is rad af

This game had hooked since the beginning! Love it. The humour was on point and great music that suites each scene. Really well done!


What do you use for the lockpick

This game is hilarious. And I gotta say, those are some fine pants.

this was super fun! Also, cool animation

Dude, this game made my day. Hilarious writing and fun gameplay. Keep creating. Can I ask what engine you used to make it?

That was amazing. Nice work

this may be an odd question but I really like one of the tracks in this game. can I get it anywhere? :)

thanks - which track? i'll put them up on bandcamp soon, and the thriftshop backing track was from freesound.org

I really liked the track that began once you spoke to the detective lady :D yay about bandcamp and thanks for the reply!

Amazing stuff. Brian is my spirit animal.

Great humour and lovely GFX. Good luck!

thank you :)

funny and beautiful game. nice animations and enjoyed playing it. wish you the best for the LOWREZJAM2020 :)

thanks for playing! :)